We had fun making these diminutive yet solid, sturdy candleholders by giving them personality with flashy sterling silver belts.  Hand wrought reclaimed steel  is hot forged and reshaped into weighty bases for your favorite colored candles.
Decorative bowls hand wrought from hot forged steel or stainless for serving or decorating your bookcase.  We enjoy giving new life to old saw blades, gears, and reclaimed steel to create captivating, graceful bowls our customers find appealing. 

Choose your favorite texture in these hand forged and hammered bracelets. Because our pieces are hand forged, no two pieces will be exactly alike, making your piece unique and one of a kind.

Combining Sterling Silver cups or shining belts with hand wrought Steel bases creates modern yet timeless handmade candlesticks.  The steel has been hot forged, hammered and sculpted into distinctive shapes.  We love how these candlesticks sit solidly and firmly on a surface.  

Craftsman Style Design evokes a feeling of old and new at the same time. These pieces are matte and shiny, rustic and modern and also feel old and new at the same time.         
Reclaimed steel bases hold sterling silver cupped candle sticks to provide solid support for your candles and reflect the sparkling light of the flames in a unique blend of modern and classic.
Surprisingly lightweight, our eye-catching earrings are handmade, making your piece unique and one of a kind.
Enjoy browsing our modern silverware hand wrought of stainless steel and sterling silver.  We hammer and shape the metal to form our Craftsman and Twist handles. Combined with our tarnish-resistant argentium sterling, each piece becomes "art" ware for your table and is sure to provoke comment from your guests.

Both our men and women customers find our popular bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings surprisingly light and comfortable to wear. Our jewelry is hand forged with stainless steel and argentium sterling silver. 

Many of our pieces are one of a kind, so please contact us if you are looking for a specific piece, size, or gemstone.

At times, we are on the road and may not be able to ship immediately. Please call or email for current ship times if there is a deadline.

We also offer unique barware, decorative napkin rings, key chains and "barnware" hoof picks, in our signature hand wrought Sterling and Silver.

Hand forged sterling silver and stainless steel rings, that are all one of a kind. Because each ring is handmade with reclaimed stainless steel and gemstones, individually picked around the world, no two rings will be exactly alike. 

Please contact us if you are looking for a specific gemstone with a specific ring size. 

While the steel is hot and malleable we give it a twist that hardens in the shape of these handles. Solid yet a surprisingly comfortable weight, we find they blend well with traditionally styled silverware sets.

Wholesale prices available to qualified buyers. Contact us directly for purchase. Hammernfire@gmail.com