I just want to thank you both again for an amazing experience! It was truly unique and I couldn't be happier with the results. Here's my review: Meeting and working with Harry and Nicole was one of the best experiences I've had! I was very nervous initially since I was making a ring for my husband and I wanted it to turn out just right but they made me feel so welcome and comfortable. They are both great teachers, you can see how passionate and skilled they are in their craft. They also commended me throughout the process which made me feel very proud of what I was creating. The ring turned out just as I hoped it would. They went above and beyond my expectations. Hopefully I can return and make something else just as beautiful! 

- Cortney Schroyer


Nicole and Harry:

Michael and I so enjoyed meeting and talking with you both yesterday at the Old Town Art Fair. 

We bought the thick steel bracelet and all of our friends that we were with later in the day remarked on it. And as far as ‘sharing’ it goes… not sure how that’s going to go, as I’ve barely taken it off except to show our friends!

Your work is just beautiful and we hope to add to our Sterling & Steel collection sometime; but in the meantime, just wanted to let you know what a highlight of the show… and the day… you were. We especially enjoy making purchases of great work when the experience and the people are fun and memorable. 

Thanks again, and hope our paths cross again.



Nicole y Harry,

Sterling & Steel pieces fuse clarity, strength, and grace to arrive at simple beauty. Just the qualities we all need in our daily lives, eh? Every glance at their ring on my finger helps remind me how I want to live.

Fuertes abrazos,



If you're at ALL wondering - "could I actually make my own wedding band?" - first of all, yes you can! Secondly, you 1000% SHOULD with Nicole and Harry at Sterling & Steel. My fiance and I both made our bands today and the experience will be one that we cherish for the rest of our lives. First of all, Nicole and Harry are amazingly friendly and they also happen to be wonderful teachers (my fiance and I are teachers, so we know). They're patient and understanding, but also make great conversation while making the whole process seem very low pressure, despite my nervousness that THIS IS MY WEDDING RING! Nicole was so helpful to make sure that my band fit well with my engagement ring, even though the stone shapes are such that it wasn't necessarily easy. Harry and Nicole help you throughout the whole process, but you really are forging your own wedding band - it's made by YOU. They made it very clear that if we were not 100% happy with what we've made, it simply won't do. They're committed to excellence and make sure that you're happy with the end result as well. Harry and Nicole were invested in helping us make the pieces that WE loved. 
Both my fiance and I had to revise our rings at one point for various reasons, and they never once seemed inconvenienced or frustrated. I loved that although obviously quite good at what they do, they never once threw in the towel on us and said, "just let me do that." They were there for guidance and support and demonstrated when appropriate, but otherwise, it was all us doing the making. At the end of the day, my fiance and I were so happy to walk away with these beautiful pieces of jewelry that we created and are so proud of. Plus, being in the presence of a couple like Harry and Nicole, who are experts in their field with a very clearly shared passion, is pretty powerful, especially as one thinks about their future marriage. I cannot say enough good things about these two and their business. JUST GO! Make your own wedding bands! Ladies, if you're worried about it looking special or fancy or shiny - IT WILL DO ALL OF THIS!! If you want something specific, just ask! To be honest, this experience might even top the proposal, it was so special.

- Rachel Whitfield