Make Your Own Wedding Ring

“Sterling and Steel”... hand-forged heirlooms for a modern world.

Costs vary for your custom ring. Most steel rings range between $390-500 depending on time and complexity. If you choose to add gold, silver or stones, the cost will be higher. We'd love for you to call and share your ideas for a ring and we can give you a better idea of anticipated costs.

Your fee includes the forging time. Guests will work with Harry to customize texture, band width, shape, and final polish. Your finished wedding ring will be a completely personal custom band.


Custom handmade ring.

The forging process is both engaging and fun.


Cooling and final shaping.

Smoothing and Final Polish.

Andrew sizing his ring under watchful eye of Harry.

Crystal also gets to size her own ring.


“I’m from Pittsburgh PA so I really wanted a ring representing the “steel city”—- something that would have some personal significance for me. A friend of mine told me that he had met Harry and Nicole at an art show and that they did some really cool hand-forged rings out of steel. Since I’m in Denver, I thought there might be a chance I could have Harry forge a ring for me so I called him up and he said, “Sure, you can come to Salida and we can make your ring.”

Once I arrived in Salida, I learned that the “WE” in “We can make your ring” really turned out to be ME making the ring. Harry offered me the hammer and allowed me to do practically the whole ring myself. He of course, supervises the process along the way and made sure it was a perfect fit. Afterward, I thought this was so much cooler than picking out some random ring at a chain jewelry store. Forging my own wedding ring with Harry at Sterling and Steel is an unforgettable experience I’d recommend to anyone.” 

— Ryan Weisdack, Denver Colorado


“My fiancé and I are so grateful to Harry and Nicole for letting us crash their studio. Physically making my wedding band was a one-of-a-kind and fantastic experience that we are so thankful to have shared. Together we got to design the ring from texture to finish and alternate swings of the hammer.

We enjoyed spending the afternoon in Salida –– was a great weekend getaway. Thank you! “

-Andrew Merrill, Telluride Colorado”